"Beyond Social Cohesion: Global Repertoires of Living Together" (RePLITO) takes marginalized and neglected repertoires of living together as its starting point to rethink social cohesion from a transregional perspective. RePLITO is an exploration project funded in the framework of the Grand Challenge Initiative Social Cohesion by the Berlin University Alliance (2021-2024). By joining our expertise in Central, South and Southeast Asia, Europe, Latin America, Southern and East Africa as well as the Middle East, we engage in comparative and cross-disciplinary research in these regions. We explore how social actors in regions of the Global South and within Europe’s margins imagine and practice communal life and create bonds. These repertoires of living together continue to be negotiated and transformed in the context of dynamic interactions beyond localities, nation states and regions.

RePLITO strives to overcome institutionalized divides between area studies, social sciences and the humanities by establishing long-term collaborative research on a subject of acute academic and political relevance. In light of the manifold attempts to restore national boundaries through exclusionary politics and enhanced border regimes, global perspectives on social cohesion and repertoires of living together beyond the nation-state are urgently needed.

Prof. Dr. Schirin Amir-Moazami (speaker, FU Berlin),

Prof. Dr. Nadja-Christina Schneider (co-speaker, HU Berlin)

In collaboration with Off-University we create a dynamic and easily accessible Digital Knowledge Archive  that gathers and conceptualizes global repertoires of living together. Our goal is to make available the results of our research and to supplement them in dialogue with our cooperation partners as well as non-university knowledge actors. We conceive it as a digital space in which we experiment with a variety of academic formats, including multimedia conversations and collaborative publishing.