GAMSzine No. 4, Summer 2022
by Prof. Dr. Nadja-Christina Schneider

The fourth number of the GAMSzine Magazine of the Department for Gender and Media Studies in the South Asian Region in 2022 offers a number of insights into the RePLITO research explorations:

Call Me in Your Language. An Escape From Living Apart Together by Reyazul Haque (pages 5-7)

The Symbolic Meaning of Cyrillic Mongolian and Classical Script by Ganchimeg Altangerel (pages 9-11)

When a Script Disappears by Nadja-Christina Schneider (pages 13-16)

In Between Multilingual Complexity and Monolingual Unity in Botswana by Linda Gerlach & Christfried Naumann (pages 17-19)

Poetry and Music in the Context of Indian Protest Movements by Fritzi-Marie Titzmann (pages 21-23)

Expressing merdeka Through Music. Artistic Activism in West Papua by Sydney Noemi Stein & Ronny Kareni (pages 25-28)

Queer Languages and Heteronormative Oppressions in Indonesia by Wikke Jansen (pages 29-31)

Small Dictionary for Living Together in a Refugee Camp by Hadis Yakubi & Nagehan Uskan (pages 33-35)

A Moving Picture by Salma Siddique (pages 41-43)

What Was Left Behind in the Mohalle by Arshi Javaid (pages 47-50)

From Regional Scholar at Risk to Transregional Researcher. A Story of Homelessness and Homemaking by İclal Ayşe Küçükkırca (pages 53-54)

On Cross-Identification in the Netflix Malayan Film Minnal Murali by Jenson Joseph (pages 59-60)


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