Multilingual Dictionary: Living together in a refugee camp
by Hadis Yakubi, Mehdi Darif, Dr. Nagehan Uskan, Shahram Ahmadi

A dictionary which brings together words and expressions commonly used by people who have been forced to live in refugee camps in Lesbos Island between 2018 and 2022.

They’re common, various, random, multi-lingual, surprising or ordinary, invented or already existed, they’re without hierarchy, they’re breaking the borders between the different communities. They’re created, repeated many times and in some cases modified by the people who have been passing through this island during the years. They bring the accumulation of different feelings and emotions like hope, despair, sadness, anger, struggle, will to transform, joy and the insistence of living and staying alive by gushing out of the cracks with the strength of resistance.

The writers of this dictionary are people who experienced these conditions in first person and activists living in Lesbos Island.