Imagine Living Together in a Climate Just World
by Sina Carina Rauch

Booklet Cover.png

This booklet invites the reader to “Imagine Living Together in a Climate Just World” with perspectives on climate change and climate (in)justice from most affected areas and people and their allies. In a world wherein people are unequally affected by and responsible for multiple social and ecological crises, it merges

- perspectives from partners and contacts from three continents of a Berlin-based organization that is working for more world-wide solidarity with actors for social and ecological change;

- with perspectives from activists and initiatives in Germany that contest structures of marginalization in climate debates and movements.

In working out common concerns and suggestions of these protagonists for a more social and climate just world, the booklet offers starting points to engage in processes of conversations on why climate (in)justice matters to whom, and what we can do from our respective positions to move towards enacting a climate just world.

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