Dr. Jan Boesten

associated project member

I have received my PhD at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, with a dissertation on the Colombian Constitutional Court and its decision to curtail constitutional reform. My argument is that the Colombian Constitutional Court must be understood as a consequence of deliberative principles rather than strategic action. I have worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the CONPEACE Programme at the University of Oxford, studying the peace process with the FARC-EP. We have designed an OX|BER Research Partnership project, focusing on peace processes and borderland crises.

Research Interests
Colombia and Latin America; Transitional Justice; Conflict Studies; Institutional Development

More About Their Research

Selected Publications

  • Boesten, Jan. Forthcoming. “Colombia’s Besieged Democracy: Sub-National Oligarchic Structures and Citizenship Deficits.” In Self-Coups, Strongmen, and Broken Constitutions: The Uphill Battle for Democracy in the Andean Republics. edited by Maxwell A. Cameron.
  • Boesten, Jan and Annette Idler. 2021. “Mutual Recognition in the Context of Contested Statehood – Evidence from Tumaco, Colombia.” In Armed Non-State Actors and the Politics of Recognition: Risks and Opportunities for Conflict Transformation, edited by Anna Geis, Maéva Clémen and Hanna Pfeifer. Manchester: Manchester University Press.
  • Boesten, Jan. 2021. “Violence and Democracy in Colombia: The Conviviality of Citizenship Defects in Colombia‘s Nation-State.” In Mecila Working Paper Series, No. 33, São Paulo: The Maria Sibylla Merian International Centre for Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences Conviviality-Inequality in Latin America. [online]