Prof. Dr. Islam Dayeh

principal investigator

I am an assistant professor of Arabic and Islamic studies at FU Berlin. I received my academic training in the fields of Arabic, Islamic, Jewish and religious studies from the universities of Jordan, Leiden, Helsinki, Oxford and FU Berlin. My research areas include Islamic intellectual history and the history of the humanities. I am director of the research programme "Zukunftsphilologie: Revisiting the Canons of Textual Scholarship" (Forum Transregionale Studien) and editor of the journal Philological Encounters (Brill).

Research Interests
Middle Eastern Studies; Europe; Islamic History; Jewish-Islamic Relations; Modern Arab Thought

More About Their Research

Selected Publications

  • Dayeh, Islam. 2016. “The Potential of World Philology,” Philological Encounters 1: 396-418.
  • Dayeh, Islam. 2017. "Formations of the Semitic: Race, Religion and Language in Early Modern European Scholarship", Philological Encounters 2(3-4).