Dr. Julia Strutz

digital archive and research labs, collaboration Off-University

Dr. Julia Strutz develops digital teaching and research projects with politically persecuted scholars in collaboration with Off-University e.V.. She also leads the creation of the digital knowledge platform on global repertoires of living together, which documents the work of the research project in an innovative way, supports research collaboration digitally, and enables collaborative publishing. As part of the research project, she explores the idea of mahalle/mahalla/mohalla in different historical and geographical contexts as a repository of living together in the city.

Research Interests
Community Publishing; Urban History; Ottoman Empire; Istanbul; Urban Commons

More About Their Research

Selected Publications

  • Strutz, Julia. 2020. Spiriting off the bad urbanite. From the Topkapı bus terminal to the Panorama Museum 1453. In Doing Tolerance: Democracy, Citizenship and Social Protests, edited by María do Mar Castro Varela and Bariş Ülker. Leverkusen: Barbara Budrich.
  • Ҫavuşoğlu, Erbatur and Julia Strutz. 2014. Producing force and consent: Urban transformation and corporatism in Turkey. City 18 (2): 134-148.
  • Strutz, Julia. 2012. Yeni İstanbul için Eski İstanbul Tahayyülleri: Süleymaniye kentsel dönüşüm projesi. [Old Imaginaries for a New Istanbul. The Urban Regeneration Project in Süleymaniye] Toplum ve Bilim 124: 126-145.


    Mahalle constitutes not only a very important repertoire of living together in diverse societies, it also organized welfare and redistribution.