Dr. Hannah Tzuberi

former postdoctoral researcher (2020-2022)

Hannah Tzuberi studied Jewish Studies and Islamic Studies and was a research assistant at the Institute for Jewish Studies (FU Berlin). Her dissertation deals with rabbinic sources on the saving of life. She is the co-editor of “Jewish Friends: Contemporary Figures of the Jew” and is working on a book-project titled “Reviving Judaism, Reviving the Nation: Post-Holocaust Imaginaries of the (German) Nation-State.”

Research Interests
Post-war Jewry specifically in Germany and Europe; Nation-building, Secularism and Secularity; Islam in Europe; Jewish and Islamic Legal Traditions

More About Their Research

Selected Publications

  • Tzuberi, Hannah. 2020. ‘The sun does not shine, it radiates’. On National(ist) Mergings in German Philosemitic Imagery of Tel Aviv.” In The Future of the German Jewish Past, edited by Gideon Reuveni and Diana Franklin, 179-192. Purdue University Press).
  • Tzuberi, Hannah. 2020. “ ‘Reforesting’ Jews. The German State and the Construction of ‘New German Judaism’,” Jewish Studies Quarterly 27 (3): 199-224.
  • Tzuberi, Hannah and Sultan Doughan. 2018. „Säkularismus als Praxis und Herrschaft: Juden und Muslime im Kontext säkularer Wissensproduktion.” [Secularism as Practice and Government: Jews and Muslims in Secular Knowledge Production] In Der inspizierte Muslim. Zur Politisierung der Islamforschung in Europa, edited by Schirin Amir-Moazami, 269-308. Bielefeld: Transcript. 

    Introduction: Memory Politics and "Minority Management" by Dr. Hannah Tzuberi and Prof. Dr. Schirin Amir-Moazami
    Dr. Hannah Tzuberi gives insights into her research project