South American and African Perspectives. A Conference Report.
Building Solidarity, Building Connectivities? The Transregional Routes of the North East India Festival in Bangkok by Domenic Teipelke
Romantic Love in India: Of everlasting bonds, sacrifice, and not living together by Dr. Parul Bhandari
Von neuen Korridoren und Seidenstraßen: Ein Podcast über Kultur und Infrastruktur
"Minority" is first and foremost a relational term, enabled and defined by structures and relations of power.
“A Bird at my Window”: Communicative Community and Contextual Visibility by Max Kramer
Quilombo by Dr. Juliana M. Streva
Knowledge Ecologies by Prof. Dr. Claudia Derichs
Nari Shakti and the Nation: 'India's New Daughters' in the Framework of Muscular Patriotism by Nadja-Christina Schneider
... and the Poetic-Politics of Quilombo. in: Femina Politica – Zeitschrift für feministische Politikwissenschaft 01/2021
Baudrillard's simulacra and death of solidarity? The case of subalterns in Northeast India by Suanmuanlian Tonsing
Dr. Fritzi-Marie Titzmann explains her research project
Imaginations, Narratives and Mediated Performances of Solidarity and Community. An Experimental Exercise in Collaborative Publishing Between Delhi and Berlin. An Introdution by the Editors
“Why ‘Living Together’? Introduction, Part One by Nadja-Christina Schneider
Introduction: Memory Politics and "Minority Management" by Dr. Hannah Tzuberi and Prof. Dr. Schirin Amir-Moazami
The Kabir Project. A conversation with Shabnam Virmani
Kabir's Bhakti by Prof. Dr. Nadja-Christina Schneider
Living Together in Multilingual Societies
Nationalism by Dr. Saskia Schäfer
Minor Citizens? Holocaust Memory and the Un/Making of Citizenship in Germany by Dr. Sultan Doughan
Solidarity by Dr. Fritzi-Marie Titzmann
Forging solidarities via food: Notes from COVID-19 lockdown in India by Sampurna Das
Heritage Diplomacy by Prof. Dr. Nadja-Christina Schneider
Reframing participant and audience: a tactics of circulation in Indian documentary by Shweta Kishore
Building Interactive Spaces of Expression. A conversation with Sanjay Joshi
Circulatory Practices and Contested Spaces: Introduction, Part Two by Fritzi-Marie Titzmann
Remembering JNU and the university space as a better way of "living together" in India by Anna Schnieder-Krüger
A Conversation with Navkiran Natt and Fritzi-Marie Titzmann about the Indian Farmers’ Movement
'I Knew the Africans Did Not Comprehend’: Cinema Vérité, Holocaust Memory, and Minority Management on Screen by Dr. Ben Ratskoff
A Case Study of Queer (Trans)national Solidarity by @kamusqueer by Wikken Jansen
A Conversation with Prof. Shilpa Phadke (TISS, Mumbai)
Mahalle constitutes not only a very important repertoire of living together in diverse societies, it also organized welfare and redistribution.
Current Repression of Tajikistan’s Pamiri Minority.
Europe’s Minority Management Machine by Dr. Anya Topolski
Trolley Times: Mediating Solidarity in the Indian Farmers’ Movement by Fritzi-Marie Titzmann
Queer(ing) Religion: Global Christian and Islamic perspectives by Wikke Jansen
Ubuntu by Dr. Juliana M. Streva
Living in Oneness? Ravidassia Music Videos as Imaginations of Solidarity beyond Caste by Dhanya Fee Kirchhof
Inclusive Strategies in the German Culture of Memory? Challenges and Possibilities by Dr. Victoria Bishop Kendzia
Magazine of the Department for Gender and Media Studies of the South Asian Region, Humboldt University Berlin
Rethinking Solidarity: De (Gendered) Empathy and (Inter) Subjectivity in Rituporno Ghosh’s Films by Debashrita Dey and Dr. Priyanka Tripathi
...integration in Western Europe. in: The British Journal of Sociology, May 2022
"Recognize all Mankind as Equal and One": Punjabi Singer Kanwar Grewal’s Circulatory Practices of Oneness and Equality by Dhanya Fee Kirchhof
New Wave and Dwelling in New Spaces by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tuba Inal-Cekic
Images of Resistance: A Qualitative research on memories and narratives of Diasporic Sri Lankan Tamils by Chandrika Yogarajah
Affective Colonization as Minority Management by Prof. Dr. A. Dirk Moses
Solidarity as a political relation on Instagram during the Indian farmers' protest by Ananya Bordoloi
A short history of calls for climate justice, this article is an invitation to dive deeper into the horizon of alternative proposals and repertoires of living together which they open up
A Paradoxical Equation by Sami Khatib
Magazine of the Department for Gender and Media Studies of the South Asian Region, Humboldt University Berlin